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Presto Pasta Night #67: Mushroom Ravioli

Closet Cooking is the first co-host of Presto Pasta Nights, which started in March 2007 by Ruth, of Once Upon a Feast. I leafed through the Essential Pasta Cookbook (German edition) and adapted the recipe on page 227 for my new ravioli maker and prepared

Homemade Mushroom Ravioli

Mushroom Ravioli

just for son no. 2 and me. He liked it and me too.

A similiar recipe you find here, I made mine by guess and buy gosh. I filled the homemade pasta dough with sautéed and seasoned mushrooms. The remaining mushrooms I added to chopped hazelnuts and some left over cream.

Presto Pasta Night #66: Homemade Ravioli with Basil Ricotta Filling

I have to admit, I use these containers* for years, a shelf in the cellar is full of this stuff for freezing* and refrigerating*. The stuff is great, but I am afraid to buy more, because of my husband’s behavior. T***ware and men don’t agree. But I had to have the ravioli maker *. As I promised, I didn’t go to a party. I ordered it through my work-mate. I had some some pasta dough in the fridge from the lasagne. When I came home, I went straight into the kitchen, mixed together ricotta cheese parmesan cheese, egg yolks and basil pesto and rolled out the pasta. Than I followed the instructions for the T***-tool and served

Homemade Ravioli with Basil Ricotta Filling

Homemade Ravioli with Basil Ricotta Filling

My husband’s comment: That was quick, you should do more ravioli. The first time he agreed with plastic from here.

Recipe in German Button German

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more recipes and entries in English

Presto Pasta Night #63: Chicken & broad bean tagliatelle

This is the third English entry in a row this week. Don’t worry this is still a German blog, but I don’t want to miss Ruth’s Pasta Night this week. The boys claimed their right of one pasta dish a week and I prepared

Chicken & broad bean tagliatelle

Chicken & broad bean tagliatelle

Meanwhile my sons share my liking for broad beans!

-========= REZKONV-Recipe – RezkonvSuite v1.4
Title: Chicken & broad bean tagliatelle
Categories: Pasta
Yield: 4 Servings


4     Skinless chicken breasts
1 teasp.   Olive oil
300 grams   Tagliatelle, 10 oz
175 grams   Frozen broad beans, 6 oz
85 grams   Reduced-fat crème fraiche, 3 oz
1     Lemon, the juice
6 tablesp.   Parmesan, finely grated
      Small handful parsley, chopped


  Good Food Magazine, June 2008, p.28
  Edited *RK* 05/16/2008 by
  Ulrike Westphal


1. Heat grill to high. Put the chicken onto a roasting tray, coat with the oil, season, then grill for about 12 mins, turning halfway through the cooking time.

2. Meanwhile, boil the pasta, adding the beans for the final 3 mins, then drain, reserving 150 ml of the cooking water.

3. Shred the cooked chicken and put into the pasta pan with the creme fraiche, lemon juice, 4 tbsp Parmesan and the reserved cooking water. Heat gently, season to taste, then stir in the parsley and pasta. Serve sprinkled with the remaining Parmesan.

:PREP 5 mins
:COOK 15 mins
:Good for you, low fat
:PER SERVING 524 kcalories, protein 50g, carbohydrate 62g fat 10 g, saturated fat 5g fibre 5g sugar 2g salt 0.47g

NEED TO USE UP SOME HAM HAM & PEA TAGLIATELLE: Cook the pasta as above, adding 175g frozen peas to the water instead of the beans. Shred 160g pack ham and place in the pan, following the same method of making the sauce and adding the pasta as before.


Presto Pasta Night #62: Creamy Tortellini Soup

You can’t say, that I stopped making pasta dishes since my last contibution to PPN, but they didn’t find the way in my blog. This week I used my slow cooker to prepare the lunch. While I made a road test to find the right used beamer as the family car the

Creamy Tortellini Soup

Creamy Tortellini Soup 002

cooked alone. I just had to add the tortellini just in time and to wait for the boys. Even the boy who doesn’t care for spinach liked it.

-========= REZKONV-Recipe – RezkonvSuite v1.4
Title: Creamy Tortellini Soup
Categories: Crockpot, Slowcooker, Soup
Yield: 1 Recipe

Creamy Tortellini Soup 001


1     1.8-ounce envelope white sauce mix *
4 cups   Water
437 grams   Can vegetable broth
105 grams   Sliced fresh mushrooms
115 grams   Chopped onion
3 cloves   Garlic, minced
1/2 teasp.   Dried basil, crushed
1/4 teasp.   Salt
1/4 teasp.   Dried oregano, crushed
1/8 teasp.   Cayenne pepper
225 grams   Package dried cheese tortellini
      — (about 2 cups)
340 grams   Package evaporated milk
180 grams   Fresh baby spinach leaves or torn spinach
      Ground black pepper (optional)
      Finely shredded Parmesan cheese (optional)

  Edited *RK* 04/13/2008 by
  Ulrike Westphal


1. Place dry white sauce mix in a 3-1/2- or 4-quart slow cooker. Gradually add the water to the white sauce mix, stirring until smooth. Stir in broth, mushrooms, onion, garlic, basil, salt, oregano, and cayenne pepper.

2. Cover and cook on low-heat setting for 5 to 6 hours or on highheat setting for 2-1/2 to 3 hours.

3. Stir in dried tortellini. Cover and cook on low-heat setting for 1 hour more or high-heat setting for 45 minutes more.

4. Stir in evaporated milk and fresh spinach. If desired, sprinkle individual servings with black pepper and Parmesan cheese. Makes 4 servings.

: Prep: 20 minutes
: Cook: 5 to 6 hours (low), plus 1 hour, or 2 1/2 to 3 hours (high), plus 45 minutes

* 1 Tbsp butter or margarine 1 Tbsp all-purpose flour 1/8 tsp salt Dash pepper 3/4 cup milk

Follow the rest of the recipe for the soup as directed. The only thing that I changed aside from making the white sauce from scratch (which was not hard at all).


Presto Pasta Night #55: Spaghetti all’arrabiata

My husband complained to me, that I never made fresh pasta for him. I have to admit, he’s right, because normally I cook no pasta on weekends. But especially for him my pasta making son and I prepared yesterday

Spaghetti all’arrabiata

Presto Pasta Night #55: Spaghetti all'arrabiata

All’arrabbiata means „angry style“, and it’s named as such due to the heat of the peppers. This spicy Italian pasta sauce is characterized by the use of simple, but fresh, ingredients, the sauce always features tomatoes and hot chili peppers. Other common inclusions are garlic, fresh herbs, olive oil and sometimes a little bit of meat or some olives for additional flavor and texture.

Arrabbiata Sauce
2 tablespoons olive oil
80 grams pancetta, thinly sliced and diced
1 onion chopped
2 tsp crushed red pepper flakes
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 can chopped tomatoes

Heat the oil in a medium saucepan over medium heat, then add in the pancetta and saute for about 5 minutes or until golden. Add in the red pepper flakes and the garlic, and saute for 1 minute. Add in tomatoes, bring to a boil and reduce heat to low, stirring often, until ready to serve.

This is my entry for Ruth’s Presto Pasta Nights this week. The last week I missed to translate my Gnocchi for this great event