BBD #13: Whole Grain Oatmeal Bread

breadbakingday # 13 - 100% Whole Grains
Jude from by Apple Pie, Patis & Pâté chose 100% Whole Grains 22.09.2023 ** for 13 th edition of Bread Baking Day. During our vacation in Ireland we got only quick breads. We stayed in several B&B’s and every host served homemade Irish Soda Bread. I have to admit, I liked it only the first three days, for my palate quickbreads are too crumbly and the soda gives a strange tooth-feeling. I chose a yeasted bread for this edition of BBD, because my sourdoughs need a bit more power.

Whole Grain Oatmeal Bread

Whole Grain Oatmeal Bread 002

A very tasty, but light bread for any kind of sandwich.

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Title: Whole Grain Oatmeal Bread
Categories: Bread, Yeast
Yield: 2 Loaves à 700 g

Whole Grain Oatmeal Bread 004


106 grams   Raw old fashioned rolled oats
106 grams   Raw steel-cut oats
475     Mlboiling water
1 tablesp.   Salt (16.5 g)
7 grams   Active dry yeast
120 ml   Warm water
3 tablesp.   Honey (45 ml)
60 ml   Oil, optional, I used rape seed oil
750 grams   Finely ground whole wheat bread flour ()


978-0812969672* The Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book: A Guide to Whole-Grain Breadmaking*
ISBN 978-0812969672
  Edited *RK* 08/25/2008 by
  Ulrike Westphal


Cook the oatmeal in the water until it begins to thicken; add the salt and set aside for several hours or overnight. If you use leftover oatmeal, bring it to room temperature.

Dissolve the yeast in the 60 ml water.

Mix the honey and oil into the oatmeal, and add it and the yeast to the flour. Even if the dough seems very stiff, don’t add more water just yet: the flour will absorb water from the oatmeal very slowly, so the dough softens as you work. Knead the somewhat stiff dough for about ten minutes, and if it still seems stiff then, add water gradually by wetting your hands and kneading until the dough has taken in as much water as it requires to become soft and supple. If you use leftover oatmeal that is fairly thin, you may find that you need to add flour on the board instead of water.

Form the dough into a ball and place it smooth side up in the bowl. Cover and keep in a warm, draft-free place. After about an hour and a half, gently poke the center of the dough about 1/2 inch deep with your wet finger. If the hole doesn’t fill in at all or if the dough sighs, it is ready for the next step. Press flat, form into a smooth round, and let the dough rise once more as before. The second rising will take about half as much time as the first.

Press the dough flat and divide in two. Shape it into balls and let them rest, covered, until very much softer. Shape gently into hearthstyle or standard 20,32 cm x 10,16 cm pan loaves. Sprinkle a greased baking sheet, pie tins, or loaf pans with rolled oats before placing the shaped loaf on or in them. For a fancy touch, brush the tops of the loaves with warm milk, and then sprinkle with more rolled oats that have been soaked in the warm milk. Let rise once more in a warm place, and bake about 45 minutes at 175°C.


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** 22.09.2023 no longer available

11 thoughts on “BBD #13: Whole Grain Oatmeal Bread

  1. Caitlin at

    Isn’t it funny? I was wondering if you were going to participate this month because I always love what you come up with. Lo and behold – it looks amazing. Definitely going on my to-make list. Also, I love the idea of the dough „sighing.“ I’m not sure exactly why.

  2. rainbowbrown @

    Dang, I know I’d get sick of quick bread if that’s all I got. Good to hear your back on the yeast bread train. It looks delicious.

  3. ostwestwind

    I bought it in Germany, it’s the Retro-Summer Collection:_ from Villeroy & Boch, a must have for food bloggers, isn’t it?

  4. Vibi (Gast)

    Hello Ulrike! Long time no see!!!
    I see that the summer has treated you well! You’ve worked hard! I’ll have to look it all up in detail!
    Yes, I had a lot of fun on my trip… I fell in love with Holland and want to move there now! LOL I visited really nice places, met great people and got to eat sublime food! Cheeses in Bruges and Holland were amazing, butter cookies in Amsterdam, funky fricadelles South of Brussels… but the most amazing was the supper in Cuves (a very remote village in Normandy) at a restaurant called „Le moulin de Jean“ …wow, the best 150Euros I’ve ever spent for food, IN MY LIFE – a MUST for anyone visiting around there!
    Now, I’m anxious to get back on track and get on with my blog, cooking and baking.
    I’ll surely see you around!

  5. Jude (

    The crust and the crumb look perfect. The oats on the top make it look so inviting to slice into.
    Been wanting to bake from Laurel’s Kitchen book but something else always pops up. Thanks for the recipe… Nice preview to the book.


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