Beef Burgers

Beef Burgers

Beef Burgers

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Title: Beef Burgers Button German
Categories: Snacks
Yield: 4 Servings

1 small Onion
500 grams Good-quality minced beef, 1 lb 2 oz
1 Egg
1 tablesp. Vegetable oil
4 Burger buns

============= ALL OR ANY OF THE FOLLOWING TO SERVE =============
Sliced tomato
Horseradish sauce
Mayonnaise, ketchup
Handful iceberg lettuce
Handful rocket
Handful watercress

=========================== EQUIPMENT ===========================
Sharp knife, chopping board, mixing bowl, large
— spoon, barbecue, brush for oiling, tongs

============================ SOURCE ============================
Good Food Magazine, July 2006, p. 28
— Edited *RK* 08/25/2006 by
— Ulrike Westphal

1. Chop the onion Peel the onion, slice in half through the root and
trim off the top. Place cut-side down on a chopping board. With your
knife parallel to the board, cut 3 slices through the onion, keeping
the root intact. With the knife point at root end, cut down through
the onion from top to bottom 4 times. Holding the root end, finely
slice to give you small diced pieces. Tip the beef into a bowl with
the onion and egg, then mix.

2. Shape the burgers Divide the mixture into four Lightly wet your
hands. Carefully roll the mixture into balls, each about the size of
a tennis ball. S in the palm of your hand and gently squeeze down to
flatten into patties about 3 cm thick. Make sure all the burgers are
the same thickness so that they will cook evenly. Put on a plate,
cover with cling film and leave in the fridge to firm up for at
least 30 mins.


Heat the barbecue to medium hot (there will be white ash over the
red hot coals – about 40 mins after lighting). Lightly brush 1 side
of each burger with oil. Place the burgers, oil-side down, on the
barbecue. Cook for 5 mins until the meat is lightly charred. Don’t
move them around or they may stick. Oil the other side, then turn
over using tongs. Don’t press down on the meat, as that will squeeze
out the juices. Cook for 5 mins more for medium. If you like your
burgers pink in the middle, cook 1 min less each side. For well done,
cook 1 min more.


For a good charred effect, the best way to cook burgers on the hob
is to use a griddle pan. Wait for the pan to get smoking hot (a
splash of water should sizzle immediately), then follow the cooking
directions, above.

4. Finishing touches

Take the burgers off the barbecue. Leave to rest on a plate so that
all the juices can settle inside. Slice each bun in half. Place,
cutside down, on the barbecue rack and toast for 1 min until they
are lightly charred. Place a burger inside each bun, then top with
your choice of accompaniment. See our choices under TO SERVE above

:Takes 25 mins plus chilling
:77p a portion


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