Creating the chef

Creating the chef as a recipe tester for Peter Reinhart’s new book * 01.09.2007

Making-the-Chef 001 Making-the-Chef 002
Weigh out the mash and the barm
Making-the-Chef 003 Making-the-Chef 004
Squeeze them together Then add the water, break up the barm/mash
Chef 001 Work ingredients together for about a minute to form a soft ball of dough. Lightly mist a small container or measuring cup with spray oil or oil it lightly. Place the chef in the container, cover and ferment it at room temperature for approximately 6 hours.
Chef 002 Chef 003
12:05 Uhr 13:04 Uhr
Chef 004 Chef 005
14:23 Uhr 15:14 Uhr
Chef 006 Chef 007
16:04 Uhr 17:04 Uhr
Creating the chef 008 Creating the chef 009
16:04 Uhr 17:04 Uhr
It shows sighs of growth and carbon dioxde. It’s ready to use or to store in the refrigerator

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