No TWD but Guglhupf from Baker Süpke

I was away on business and had to bake a cake for my workmates. I decided to bake „the real thing“, this recipe is tried and tested from German fellow bloggers, see here, here 22.02.2021 ** or here**. And this is my version before carrying the cake to work

Guglhupf from Baker Süpke

Guglhupf from Baker Süpke 001

There’s nothing left, all loved it. I hope to add another picture from the crumb I took this picture at work

Guglhupf from Baker Süpkes Guglhupf 002

This recipe is really a first class recipe: buttery, just with the right sweetness and spongy. If you want to duplicate the recipe you should know, that German flour has less gluten than American flour. The correspondent German flour to American all-purpose flour is wheat flour type 550. Wheat flour type 405 has less protein than wheat flour 550. Perhaps you try this recipe with a mixture of 305 grams AP and 45 grams corn starch.

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Title: Baker Süpke’s Guglhupf
Categories: Baking, Cake
Yield: 1 Recipe


150 grams   Cake Flour (wheat flour 405)
2 teasp.   Dry yeast
150 ml   Milk
150 grams   Butter
50 grams   Sugar
30 grams   Marzipan paste
4 grams   Salt
1 teasp.   Vanilla extrakt
1     Lemon, the peel, grated
100 grams   Eggs, Europe Size M, US: large
200 grams   Cake Flour (wheat flour 405)
100 grams   Sultanas
40 grams   Candied orange peel
40 grams   Candied orangelemon peel
100 grams   Almonds, chopped, toasted
30 ml   Rum
2 tablesp.   Apricot jam, hot
      Icing sugar


  Edited *RK* 11/17/2008 by
  Ulrike Westphal


For the preferment stir all ingredients together and raise until matured about 30 minutes.

For the sponge mixture whisk butter, sugar, marzipan paste, vanilla extract and grated lemon peel until foamy. Fold in the eggs. Fold in the preferment and the remainig ingredients until you get a soft and smooth dough. Fill into a buttered Guglhupf pan and rise for roughly 2 h.

Bake for 45 minutes at 175 °C until a wooden stick comes out clean. Remove from pan and brush with hot apricot jam. Dust with icing sugar.


** now defunct
22.02.2021 not longer available

11 thoughts on “No TWD but Guglhupf from Baker Süpke

  1. Eva at

    „This recipe is really a first class recipe: buttery, just with the right sweetness and spongy.“ – dem ist einfach nichts hinzuzufügen, denn genau so habe ich es auch empfunden :-)

  2. Nils (Gast)


    Lecker. Bin seit Ströcks Hefezopf auch ein Fan des „Hefestücks“. Da hab ich ja auch gleich was für den ersten Adventskaffee…

  3. bakingsoda (Gast)


    Right after reading yr post I started the preferment. Had to have a bit patience because the house was colder, baked it and left to cool. This morning I had my first slice, it’s good!!
    Since the kids don’t particularly like „filled breads“ but think everything in gugelhopf shape is cake… wonder what they say about this one. It’s a perfect mix between cake and bread, great with coffee or tea in the afternoon (or with breakfast for a no-breakfast girl like me) Thnks!

  4. Nancy (n.o.e.) (Gast)

    Hello Ulrike!
    This guglhupf looks delicious; I love anything with marzipan in it. I hope to try this recipe – it will be nice to see what the German version tastes like! And for a very late response to your question: Yes, my daughter was able to find the soft type of brown sugar (like we have here in the USA) at an Asian market in her Berlin neighborhood. She was lucky enough to find vanilla extract at a different shop. I will visit her in Berlin in a few weeks and we might try to bake one of the TWD recipes in her apartment! Maybe even the sugar cookie recipe that you chose!!
    All the best


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