WHB #45: Garlic & thyme roasted tomatoes

After returning from Wales I was very surprised to find our tomatoes so healthy.


Our neighbour watered the tomatoes during our vacation. So I am able to pick some for the

Garlic & thyme roasted tomatoes

Garlic & thyme roasted tomatoes

It’s nothing better to use your own organic tomatoes. Tomatoes are healthy because of the colour, which reacts as an antioxidant.

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Title: Garlic & thyme roasted tomatoes
Categories: Side dish
Yield: 4 Servings

4 small Bunches ripe tomatoes on the vine
1 teasp. Thyme leaves, finely chopped
3 Garlic cloves , crushed
4 teasp. Olive oil, to drizzle

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Good Food Magazine, July 2006, p.106
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— Ulrike Westphal@Küchenlatein

1. Heat oven to 220 °C/fan 200 °C/gas 7. Keeping the tomatoes on the
vine, divide into sets of three. In a small bowl mix together thyme,
garlic, a pinch of salt and ground black pepper to make a fine paste.

2. Make a small slash in the top of each tomato and rub in a little
of the garlic paste. Place the tomatoes in a roasting tray, just big
enough to hold them all and drizzle with olive oil.

Garlic & thyme roasted tomatoes 001
Roast for 15-20 mins, or until the skin looks wrinkled and the tomatoes are soft, but still hold their shape.

:PER SERVING 49 kcalories, protein 1 g, carbohydrate 4g, fat 3g,
saturated fat 1 g, fibre 1 g, sugar 3g, salt 0.278
:PREP 15 mins COOK 15-20 mins Superhealthy, counts as 1 of 5-a-day


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4 thoughts on “WHB #45: Garlic & thyme roasted tomatoes

  1. Tuckis

    Wunderbar lecker
    Hallöchen ….
    Ich liebe Tomaten in allen variationen :o) Leider bin ich in Englisch nicht so begabt *hmpf*
    Aber sie sehen köstlich aus!
    Ich komm jetzt wieder öfter um die Ecke linsen …
    LG Nicole


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