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Waiter! There’s something in my…Mini lemon curd sponge pudding

Waiter! There's something in my...
It’s been a while since I participated in Waiter! There’s something in my… This month the passionate cook asks for hot puds. The small portions from our Ham & Leek Cobbler yesterday longed for dessert. For my always hungry teenaged boys I served

Mini lemon curd sponge puddings

Mini lemon curd sponge puddings

They didn’t last long, very delicious.

-========= REZKONV-Recipe – RezkonvSuite v1.4
Title: Mini lemon curd sponge puddings
Categories: Dessert
Yield: 4 to 6 Servings


2     Lemons , zested and juiced
100 grams   Sugar
2     Eggs, size M
100 grams   Butter , plus extra for the moulds
100 grams   Self-raising flour
98 grams   Wheat flour Type 405 + 2 grams baking powder
6 tablesp.   Lemon curd


  Recipe from olive magazine, April 2007
  Edited *RK* 02/27/2009 by
  Ulrike Westphal


1. Butter 4 x 150 ml plastic pudding moulds (6 100 ml moulds). Whizz the butter, sugar and lemon zest in a food processor until pale and fluffy. Mix in the eggs one by one. Add the flour and pulse until incorporated. Divide between the moulds then cover with a lid or clingfilm and microwave on medium 650 W for 4 minutes (3,5 minutes 720 W). Heat the lemon curd with a squeeze of lemon juice in a small pan. Spoon over the top and serve.

Wash unwaxed lemons in warm water before zesting. The zest contains the oil with all the flavour.


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A taste of terroir: Förtchen

A taste of terror
For the 3 rd time Anna of Anna’s Cool Finds asked for A taste of terroir.

I already mentioned that I live in the northernmost Bundesland of Germany, Schleswig-Holstein: The land between two seas, between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. Until 1864 the northern part Schleswig belonged to Denmark, where the writer and lyricist Theodor Storm was born. One of his favourite dishes were Förtchen, in Danish Æbleskiver. He liked the German version so much, that he wrote a nursery rhyme about Futtjes, low German for Förtchen.

You need a special pan to bake Förtchen. My grandmother had a pan with 7 indentations for a gas stove, my mother in law has a large pan for a coal-fired stove like this. Meanwhile you can buy pans with plain bottoms for electrical stoves. I borrowed this pan for baking Förtchen

holsteinische küche_375
There are different batters for Förtchen in all regions of Schleswig-Holstein. This cookbook from 1920 has 5 different recipes for Förtchen. The book recommends a mixture of lard and butter. My grandmother always baked them with yeast and raisins, so did I.

A taste of terroir: Förtchen 001

A taste of terroir: Förtchen 003 A taste of terroir: Förtchen 004

The Förtchen are done if they look inside like this.

A taste of terroir: Förtchen 002

Link to the Æbleskiver recipe in German language

BBD # 15: Festive Breads – New Year Pretzel

BreadBakingDay #15  
Annarasa chose „Festive Bread“ for the 15 th edition of Bread Baking Day. I baked a Pandoro for the Culinary Advent Calendar. Fortunately the festive season means the time around and including the Christmas and New Year holidays. So I baked a

New Year Pretzel

New Year Pretzel 006

A pretzel is the symbol for infinity, it is understood as a good luck charm or blessing. In some regions of Germany sharing the New Year Pretzel with others promises luck and well-being.

-========= REZKONV-Recipe – RezkonvSuite v1.4
Title: New Year’s Pretzel
Categories: Baking, Yeast
Yield: 1 Recipe

New Year Pretzel 005


250 grams   Wheat flour 550, US: AP
200 grams   Milk ca. 30° C
7 grams   Dry yeast
25 grams   Fresh yeast
475 grams   Preferment
250 grams   Wheat flour 550, US: AP
5 grams   Baking malt
5 grams   Gluten
75 grams   Sugar
100 grams   Butter
100 grams   Egg, 2 large eggs
5 grams   Salt
1     Lemon, the peel, finely groung
1     Egg, about 50 grams
      Hail sized sugar


  Backtag 1/2003
  Edited *RK* 12/31/2008 by
  Ulrike Westphal


For the preferment stir all the ingredients together and let rise for at least 40 minutes.

Final dough:

Prepare a smooth dough with all ingredients and let rest for 30 to 40 minutes.

Form a pretzel

Neujahrs-Brezel 001 Neujahrs-Brezel 002 Neujahrs-Brezel 003

Cover with a cloth and let rise well.

Mix egg with a pinch of salt and glaze the pretzel, Sprinkle with haile sized sugar.

Neujahrs-Brezel 004

Bake about 20 minutes in a preheated oven at 190 °C


Season’s Eatings: Chicken Gumbo with Louisiana Cajun Seasoning

Season's Eating
Already December 30 th and I haven’t post my gift from Second Annual Season’s Eatings
in English. Katie from Thyme for Cooking had this brilliant idea to organize a spice exchange.

I got a parcel from Judith, a retired teacher living now in Virginia, obiously with no blog. Originally she comes from Louisiana and so she send me

Cajun Seasoning,

Cajun Seasoning

manifactured in Baton Rouge and a recipe for Seafood Gumbo. Although we live in Schleswig-Holstein, the land between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, my three gentlemen aren’t fond of seafood, especially of shrimps and crabs. Judith recommended also a chicken and sausage version, I cooked on December, 22 th as a Slow Cooker version.

Chicken & Sausage Gumbo

Chicken Gumbo with Louisiana Cajun Seasoning 002

It was the first time I made a chocolate coloured roux, but it was worth the effort. Thank you Judith, we enjoyed it. I already thanked you by email, but obviously it ended in the spam or nirvana.

Katie, this was fun again, I can’t wait for the third edition, thanks a lot.

Bread Baking Day #14: Coloured Breads – Pumpkin Seed Bread

breadbakingday #14 - colored breads

Boaz from Grainpower chose coloured breads for the 14 th editon of Bread Baking Day. The only limitation is that whatever gives the bread colour must be natural. No problem, I like the colour which

Hokkaido Pumpkins


give to the bread crumb. The whole family liked the

Pumpkin Seed Bread

Pumpkin Seed Bread 002

I have already baked breads with pumpkin puree but neither this nor this had this wonderful colour.

Unfortunately I had to take a picture from the whole bread with artificial light.

Kürbisbrot mit Kürbiskernen 001

The recipe is easy. I made a preferment from 125 g all-purpose flour (Weizenmehl 550) , 150 g water, 1/8 tsp dried yeast. About 16 h later I added 250 g pumpkin puree, 375 g all-purpose flour, 30 g toasted pumpkin seeds, 1 tsp. dried yeast and 10 g salt. Knead until the dough comes together and adjust the water or flour amount if necessary. Let rest until doubled in volume, form a boule and proof until a finger print doesn’t come out quick. Bake on a baking stone at 220°C for about 40 minutes until the internal temperatur reaches at least 90 °C.

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