Five Things To Eat Before You Die

Cindy and Meeta tagged me for the Things To Eat Before You Die meme, started by Melissa of The Travelers Lunchbox.

Five Things To Eat Before You Die

There are now 1245 things on the still growing list. Like Nicky from delicious days I was attempted to shirk this meme. I’ve eaten so many delicious dishes in my life and all are worth to be on this list. And from childhood to now my taste has changed. So I make a list with my different preferences from childhood to now.

1. Zuckerei from my granny

2. Hot Dog in Stege/Danmark

3. The world’s best French Fries red and white at the ferry terminal in Bagenkop

4. Nanaimo bars in Vancouver

5. Kartoffelpuffer from the best mother-in-law.

So it’s up to Tschörda, Véronique and Nina to increase the list.

Addition: I also tag Jeff and Chanit

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