I show you two „lunchboxes“

I have to admit that I am a „Mittagesser“ a luncher at midday. So are the remaining members of my family, the three gentlemen. Two of them have lunch away from home, my firstborn at school and the BevA – the best husband of all – in a very good canteen at work. So I cook on weekdays for son no. 2 and me a healthy lunch. Both children take a bread bin to school and are very picky with their contents. This great box is broken – it was too interesting for the class mates.

2 lunchboxes

lunchboxes 004

„Bernd das Brot“ is filled with:

Lunchbox 004 Lunchbox 001
Apples peeled, cored and sliced from BevA Farmhouse bread with ham

Fresh made at 6:30 in the morning!

This is my entry for the Show Me Your Lunchbox Event from The Daily Tiffin.

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