LOT #3: Mushrooms and polenta

This month Megan from What’s cooking hosts the 3rd Leftover Tuesday, an event created by David at Cooking Chat.

I’m mother of two sons with different tastes. I had some leftover polenta, which is only loved by son no. one. I hate to throw away edible food, so I combined the unloved polenta with beloved button mushrooms for son no. two.

Mushrooms and polenta

Mushrooms and polenta

There’s no recipe to follow. Chop onion(s) and fry in a little oil until soft and transparent. Add sliced mushrooms, fry until desired consistency, season to taste and serve with chopped parsley on fried polenta. Comment: In this condition I’m able to eat polenta. My firstborne hates mushrooms, but he’s on a class trip.

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