Mmm… Canada – Smoked Coho Salmon with Strawberry Salsa

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wild salmonCanada is not only sweet as Nanaimo Bars, it is also savoury as Coho Salmon from British Columbia. Jasmin from Confessions of a Cardamom Addict invites food bloggers to celebrate Mmmh … Canada The Savoury Edition. I bought some Coho Salmon, caught off the coast of Alaska and smoked in Hamburg and combined it with fresh local strawberries to

Smoked Coho Salmon with Strawberry Salsa

Smoked Coho Salmon with Strawberry Salsa

Absolutely delicious and no comparison to farmed salmon, it was worth every cent.

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Title: Smoked Salmon with Strawberry Salsa
Categories: Salmon, Canada
Yield: 1 Recipe


1 pack   Smoked Salmon
150 grams   Strawberries, chopped
1 tablesp.   Chopped mint
1 teasp.   Lime juice
1 teasp.   Balsamic vinegar
1 teasp.   Sugar
1 teasp.   Black pepper, cracked


  adapted from Canadian Food Network 22.02.2021 **

  Edited *RK* 06/21/2008 by
  Ulrike Westphal


Strawberry Salsa

1. Clean and hull the core from strawberries, chop into 5 mm dice and place in a medium bowl.

2. In a separate small bowl whisk together lime juice, balsamic vinegar, sugar and black pepper until well combined. Pour over strawberries, sprinkle with freshly chopped mint and gently mix.

Serve with smoked salmon


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** 21.02.2021 no longer available

4 thoughts on “Mmm… Canada – Smoked Coho Salmon with Strawberry Salsa

  1. Dandu at

    Very nice combination. Das passt aber gut zusammen. Solche Süss-salzigen Mischungen sind immer sehr erfrischend.


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