SHF: Spekulatius-Tiramisu

It has been a while that I participated in Sugar High Friday 22.05.2021 **, a blogging event created by Jennifer of The Domestic Goddess 22.05.2021 **. The Holiday theme of the 60th edition is hosted by Cherrapeno. I use the chance to present our dessert on Christmas Eve.


SHF: Spekulatius-Tiramisu

A simple, but light and delicious dessert. Spekulatius are spiced biscuits in the shape of a human or other figure, eaten at Christmas in Germany.

Crumb 8 spiced cookies and whip 200 grams cream with 2 tsp. icing sugar. Alternately layer the crumbs and whipped cream in small cups. The last layer should be cookie crumbs. Serve and enjoy.

The recipe is from Lea Linster, a Luxembourgian chef.

SHF #60 Pages: 1 Button German 2 Button English

more recipes and entries in English

** 22.05.2021; no longer available

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