Weekend Cookbook Challenge # 12 – Stew: Sweet N Sour lentil soup

Shaun from Winter Skies, Kitchen Aglow chose stew for the Weekend Cookbook Challenge. Stews are the pillar of most cultures‘ winter meals said Shaun and I can confirm it. In the north of Germany we have many dishes with a sweet and sour taste and I prepared a stew with lentils.

Sweet N Sour lentil soup

Sweet N Sour lentil soup

I used green lentils, they are tender in 45 minutes and don’t have to be soaked over night. Yummy! And as all stews it will be getting better and better with every reheating:

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Title: Sweet N Sour lentil soup
Categories: Soup, Stew
Yield: 4 Servings

125 grams Streaky bacon, diced
3 Onions,chopped
250 grams Lentils, green
1 liter Water
125 ml Red wine
500 grams Floury potatoes, cut into chunks
3 Carrots, finely diced
175 grams Celeriac, finely diced
4 Salami-style sausages called Mettwurst
1 Bay leaf
2 Cloves
1 teasp. Sugar
2 tablesp. Red wine vinegar

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adapted from my grandmother’s cookbook
— Edited *RK* 01/04/2007 by
— Ulrike Westphal

Wash the lentils in several changes of water until the water runs
clear. Heat a heavy-based large saucepan, add the bacon and cook
until the fat comes out and the bacon is crispy. Add the onion and
cook until the onion softens. Add the lentils, then the water and
bring to a boil. Add bay leave, cloves and red wine. If you fix the
cloves with the bay leaf, it is easier to remove.

After 15 minutes cooking time add the potatoes, carrots, celeriac
and cook for further 30 minutes. Cut the salami-styled sausages in
slices and fry until they begin to arch, add to the soup and cook
for the last 10 minutes. Add as well red wine vinegar and sugar for
the last 10 minutes. Season to taste with salt and pepper and add
more vinegar, if needed.

total cooking time: 45 minutes


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