WHB #80: Ramson-Almond-Pesto

This week´s host of WHB/span> 27.04.2021 **#80 is Glenna from A Fridge full of Food from the United States. Ramsons, wild garlic, bear’s garlic or buckrams have recently become very popular in German cuisine again. You can buy the leaves at this time nearly everywhere. Last year after the German blogging event „Bärlauch“ ** I planted it into my garden, but this year I couldn’t harvest.
Bärlauch 005
These 5 leaves wouldn’t be enough for a pesto. I bought a bunch to prepare an almond based pesto. Last week Astrid made a ramson pesto with pine nuts 22.02.2021 ** for WHB #79

Bärlauchpesto 001 Bärlauchpesto 002 Bärlauchpesto 003 Bärlauchpesto 004

The pesto will last for two weeks in the fridge. So I’am well prepared for the Tagliatelle with Ramson-Almond-Pesto my sons wish for lunch next week.

For the pesto toast 50 grams chopped almonds. Grate 75 grams parmesan and cut ramsons into stripes. In a blender mix together almonds, ramsons, parmesan and 120 to 125 ml of olive oil. Season to taste with salt and pepper an fill into a clean jar.

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more recipes and entries in English

** http://gaertnerblog.de/blog/?p=649 no longer available
** 21.02.2021 http://foodblog.paulchens.org/kommentare/-weekend-herb-blogging-ramson-pesto….294/ no longer available
** 27.04.2021 https://kalynskitchen.com/whos-hosting-weekend-herb-blogging/; https://kalynskitchen.com/weekend-herb-blogging-i-dont-have-dog/ no longer available

7 thoughts on “WHB #80: Ramson-Almond-Pesto

  1. kalyn (Gast)

    I’m quite intrigued by this plant. I thought it might be the same as what are called „ramps“ here, but when I googled it, it said they are used in the same way but are not the same plant. I’m not sure this even grows in the U.S. I’ll be keeping my eye out for it, sounds very interesting.

  2. katie (Gast)

    I keep hearing about ramson but can’t find it. I’d love to put some in my herb garden. I’ll have to google it and find the French word so I know what to ask for…
    Your sauce looks lovely!

  3. astrid at www.paulchens.org

    Mit Mandeln schmeckt so ein pesto sicher auch lecker, ich muss aber zugeben mandeln hab ich bis jetzt nur zum backen verwendet. das werd ich mal ausprobieren müssen…

    @katie my dictionary says „ail des bois“ or „ail des ours“ might be what you should ask for. Look here on wikipedia

  4. Anna (Gast)

    hey ulrike! i just got back from germany where i saw bärlauch for the first time. i was really excited to try this herb and even brought home some pesto for jonas to try. it’s great.


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