WHB #82: Where is my tarragon? – Gone

** 27.04.2021

Pat from Up a Creek without a PatL host the 82nd edition of Kalyn’s Weekend Herb Blogging 27.04.2021 **.

Helen from News of the Kitchen has a herb spiral in her garden, which bursts of tarragon. She posted some wonderful tarragon recipes and I asked myself what my tarragon is doing in the garden after the badly needed rain.

The sad result :

Where is my tarragon? – Gone

Where is my tarragon? - Gone

Why can’t the slugs browse through the equisetum or the couch gras ?

I bought some new and put it into a pot, hoping that I can collect the snails and slugs before they reach my herbs.

Estragon - Tarragon 001

Wish me luck!

more recipes and entries in English

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6 thoughts on “WHB #82: Where is my tarragon? – Gone

  1. Cascabel

    Na dann mal alles Gute! Ich habe auch neuen Dill gekauft, der ist aber momentan noch im sicheren Schutz des Hauses. Mal sehen, wann ich ihn in die freie Wildbahn entlassen kann ;-)

  2. Kalyn (Gast)

    I hate snails!
    I get so mad when snails do that in my garden. I’m growing tarragon for the first time this year. No idea what I’m going to use it in though, but I’m guessing I’ll have no trouble finding recipes that use it!

  3. Christa (Gast)

    That is too bad you lost your tarragon. I have heard that putting sand on the soil can help keep slugs away. They do not like crawling through sand. Maybe that is something you could try to protect your new tarragon plant? Good luck.

  4. katie (Gast)

    I remember when I visited my cousin in Germany how many slugs there were. I could hardly walk outside after the rain without stepping on them. We have snails and slugs, too, but not nearly as many, thankfully.
    Good luck with you pot!

  5. zehfyrus (Gast)

    I save my egg shells, let them dry, then crunch them into pieces. Scatter them around the plants. It works for me, and also provides nutrients for your soil. Beer traps work too, but being a true german-canadian, I really do not like to waste my beer on the slugs! Happy herb gardening from the great white north!


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