WCC #16 Something New: Mandarin-Oranges Cake

Sara of I Like to Cook is doing the 16thWeekend Cookbook Challenge. The theme this time around is Something New.

Something New for me: It’s the first time I ever used the Aranca dessert mix. In the midnineties it was in vogue to bake cake with Aranca in Germany, the most famous cake was a Aranca-Champagne-Cake. I prepared a

Mandarin-Oranges Cake

Mandarin-Oranges Cake 001

-========= REZKONV-Recipe – RezkonvSuite v1.4
Title: Mandarin-Oranges Cake
Categories: Baking, Cake
Yield: 1 Spring form Ø 24 cm


  some   Fat for greasing
      Parchment paper
25 grams   Butter
1     Eggs, size M
1-1 1/2 tablesp.   Hot water
50 grams   Sugar
1/2 pack   Vanilla sugar, about 4 g
50 grams   Flour
13 grams   Starch
1/2 gestr. TL   Baking powder
1-1 1/2 tablesp.   Orange jelly
1 can   Mandarin Oranges, drained weight 175 g
1 pack   Transparent glaze/quick gel
20 grams   Sugar
250 ml   Juice, orange- or multi vitamin
200 grams   Whipping cream
1 pack   Cream stabiliser
1/2 pack   Vanilla sugar
1 pack   Dessert mix mandarin, Aranca *
100 ml   Juice, orange- or multi vitamin
100 ml   Mandarin-orange juice, from tin
150 grams   Yogurt mild, 3,5% fat


  Guglhupf, Ausgabe 6/1995
  Edited *RK* 05/08/2007 by
  Ulrike Westphal


Melt butter and let cool down. Preheat oven. Line spring form Ø 24 cm with parchment paper and grease.

sponge mixture: Whisk eggs and hot water until foamy, add sugar and whisk for two minutes. Mix flour, starch and baking powder, sift and carefully fold into the egg mixture. Then add the melted and cooled butter. Pour into the springform tin and pop into the oven.

:top-/bottomheat: 180°C
:fan: 160°C
:gas: mark 2-3
:Backzeit: etwa 25 minutes
:Read your oven instructions

Remove rim, and turn bottom onto lined wire rack, remove bottom and cool. Carefully remove the parchment paper and give the sponge flan onto a plate. Turn spring form rim around the flan.

Filling: Drain mandarin oranges, save the juice and measure 100 ml for the topping. Dice the fruit. Prepare glaze according to package instructions with sugar and juice. Fold in the fruit and spread on the sponge flan and cool. Whip cream with stabiliser and vanilla sugar and spread on the cooled mandarin oranges.

Topping: Prepare dessert mix according to package instructions – use 200 ml juice instead of water- and whisk until foamy. Stir in the yogurt and spread half of the cream onto the whipped cream. Cool at least one hour before serving. Carefully remove the springform rim.


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3 thoughts on “WCC #16 Something New: Mandarin-Oranges Cake

  1. Ruth (http://www.4everykitchen.com/)

    What a perfectly delightful dessert! I can see why it was so popular back then. Now you’ve made it into a new star. Thanks for sharing.


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