WHB#22: The best things come in threes: Mega-vital Sourdough Bread with sprouts

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Winter has come back, just in time with the meteorological beginning of spring.

So I am glad to have something sprouting and growing on my window sill: sprouts, this time mung beans. They are healthy, taste sweet and grow fast. 125g of sprouted mung beans the vitamin A content of one lime, the vitamin-B1-content of one avocado, the vitamin-b2-content of one apple and the vitamin-C-content of one pine apple.

So I added all my sprouts (three different kinds) to a bread dough and got

Mega-vital Sourdough Bread with sprouts

Mega-Vital-Brot 029 Mega-Vital-Brot 033

the mega-vital sourdough bread with sprouts. Sprouts increases the fiber content, decreases the carbohydrates and add some extra vitamins and calcium.

Delicious! A perfect base for a sandwich. For example a cheese sandwich.

Käsebrot 001

Here’s the recipe, for more method pics see here.

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Title: Mega-vital Sourdough Bread with sprouts
Categories: Bread, Rye sourdough, Sprouts
Yield: 1 Recipe

Mega-vital Sourdough Bread with sprouts

============================== SPROUTS ==============================
1 tablesp. Mung beans
1 tablesp. Alfalfa, lentils, mustard, mung beans
1 tablesp. Sesame

============================== STARTER ==============================
475 grams Whole-spelt flour
475 grams Whole-rye flour
550 ml Water luke warm
100 grams Rye-starter 100 % hydration

=============================== DOUGH ===============================
150 grams Whole-spelt flour
150 grams Whole-rye flour
150 grams Water
40 grams Salt
1 tablesp. Caraway seeds, ground
1 tablesp. Coriander seeds, ground

============================== SOURCE ==============================
modified recipe from
— Edited *RK* 03/03/2006 by
— Ulrike Westphal

Sprout the sesame for 2 days, the other seeds for 3 days.

Prepare the sourdough and ripen for 8 to 10 hours.

Add all the ingredients – except the salt – to the mixing bowl and
roughly mix together and let rest for 20 minutes.

Add the salt and knead until the dough is proper developed. I did it
15 minutes by hand. You’ll get a firm, slightly sticky dough. Give
the dough onto a greased work-surface and cover with plastic.

Bulk fermentation about 1,5 hours, fold the dough after 20, 40 and
60 minutes.

Divide the dough into two pieces, about 1100 g each, shape into oval
loaves, place them into floured bannetons and cover or give them
into a plastic bag.

Let the dough proof about 75 to 90 minutes.

Heat oven to 250°C. Transfer the loaves on a peel. Slash lengthwise,
load the bread and reduce the heat to 200 °C. Bake for about 45


Weekend Herb Blogging # 22

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3 thoughts on “WHB#22: The best things come in threes: Mega-vital Sourdough Bread with sprouts

  1. Kalyn (Gast)

    It’s also snowing here. I’d love to have some bread like this. I guess I must confess I’ve only made bread with a mix and a bread machine, although I have found a really wonderful 100% whole grain mix that I make over and over again, so at least’s it’s healthy. Yours looks delicious.


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