Whole Spelt Loaf – Pain à l’épeautre

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Title: Whole Spelt Loaf – Pain à l’épeautre
Categories: Baking, Sourdough
Yield: 1 Loaf

Whole Spelt Loaf - Pain à l'épeautre


50 grams   German rye sourdough, 133 % hydration
275 grams   Water, tepid
50 grams   Honey
500 grams   Whole spelt flour
10 grams   Sea salt


978-0393050554 * modified version of Daniel Leader,
Local Breads: Sourdough and Whole-Grain Recipes from Europe’s Best Artisan Bakers *
ISBN 978-0393050554

  Edited *RK* 09/21/2007 by
  Ulrike Westphal


PREPARE THE SOURDOUGH. 12 to 24 hours before you plan to bake, refresh your spelt sourdough. I mixed together 10 g rye sourdough 100 % Hydration, 17 g whole spelt flour and 23 grams water in the bowl of the stand mixer.

MIX THE DOUGH. Stir down the spelt sourdough, which will have risen during fermentation, pour the water and honey and stir to dissolve the honey and sourdough. Stir in the spelt flour and salt with a rubber spatula.

KNEAD THE DOUGH. Use the dough hook and mix the dough on medium-low speed (3 on a KitchenAid mixer) for 7 minutes. Increase the speed to medium (5 on a KitchenAid mixer) and continue to knead until k the dough gathers into a firm, smooth, somewhat elastic ball, another 6 to 7 minutes. Turn off the machine and scrape the hook and the sides of the bowl.

FERMENT THE DOUGH. Transfer the dough to a lightly oiled, clear, straight-sided 2-quart container with a lid. With masking tape, mark the spot on the container where the dough will be when it has doubled in volume. Cover and leave it to rise at room temperature until it doubles, reaching the masking tape mark, 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

SHAPE THE LOAF. Lightly dust the counter with whole spelt flour. Uncover the dough and turn it out onto the counter. Form the dough into a pan loaf. Nestle the loaf into the pan, seam side down, pressing it gently to fit. Lightly dust the top of the loaf with whole spelt flour and cover with plastic wrap.

PROOF THE LOAF. Let the loaf rise at room temperature until they have expanded to 1 1/2 times its original size, coming to the top of the pan, 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

PREPARE THE OVEN. About 15 minutes before baking, place the oven rack in the middle position. Preheat the oven to 200 °C.

SCORE AND BAKE THE LOAF. Use a serrated knife to score the loaf diagonally four times. Bake until it has mushroomed a little on top and is a rich brown color, 30 to 35 minutes.

COOL AND STORE THE LOAF. Pull the loaf from the oven. Bang the edge of the pan on the counter to release the bread. Invert it onto a wire rack and then flip it right side up. Cool the bread completely before slicing, about 1 hour. Store the cut loaf in a resealable plastic bag at room temperature. It will stay fresh for about 3 days. For longer storage, freeze in a resealable plastic bag for up to 1 month.


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