A taste of terroir: Fisherman’s lunch

Anna at Anna’s Cool Finds asks to join in documenting an edible piece of our locale that we have a special connection with. I have already posted some dishes, which are typical for Northern Germany. I arranged them in the slide show.

Braune Kuchen - Spicy's Gewürzmuseum

Braune_Kuchen 006

BuchPfann 002


Rübenmus mit Kochwurst

Fliederbeersuppe 002


Birnen und Bohnen und Kasseler

I live in the northernmost Bundesland of Germany, Schleswig-Holstein: The land between two seas, between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. On the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein 21.02.2021 ** you can still find fishing cutters, which bring the typical shrimps from the North Sea. When I spent my holidays at the North Sea, I like to peel the shrimps directly to my mouth! A delicacy is to eat a bread roll filled with the shrimps. Unfortunately I could not buy unpeeled shrimps, but I got some without preservatives. I prepared another typical dish from Schleswig-Holstein – originally called “Fisherman’s breakfast“ – but I had it for lunch.

Fisherman’s lunch

Fisherman's lunch

It’s easy to prepare:

Fischerfrühstück mit Krabben 001 Fischerfrühstück mit Krabben 002
Fischerfrühstück mit Krabben 003 Fischerfrühstück mit Krabben 004
Fischerfrühstück mit Krabben 005 Fischerfrühstück mit Krabben 006

more recipes and entries in English

Full recipe in German Button German

more recipes and entries in English

** 21.02.2021 www.government.schleswig-holstein.de/gallery/index.htm not longer available

3 thoughts on “A taste of terroir: Fisherman’s lunch

  1. Rachel (Gast)

    Shrimp & Eggs?
    Yum! That looks great. I don’t think I’ve had shrimp with eggs before. MAYBE I had some shrimp in and omelette once but I don’t see the combination too often. Thanks for sharing!


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