Baker Süpke’s Summer Sun

This summer took part on a Tuesday between twelve and midday. Baker Süpke recommended to sing a song or to bake a bread to get the sun out of the rain clouds. I tried the

Summer Sun

summer sun two little

summer sun 001

but the sun wasn’t impressed. Fortunately the result was very tasty and the oven heated the kitchen.

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Title: Summer Sun Button German
Categories: Baking, Bread, Sourdough
Yield: 2 Bread à 500 g oder 1 bread about 1000 g

summer sun 002


60 grams   Rolled oats
100 grams   Sunflower seeds
30 grams   Pumpkin seeds
30 grams   Sesame seeds
12 grams   Salt
200 ml   Water, hot
135 grams   Light rye, rye flour type 997
10 grams   Sourdough
100 ml   Water
120 grams   AP flour (US), strong white flour (UK), wheat
      — flour type 550
1 gram   Salt
1 gram   Yeast, fresh = 0,1 gram dry yeast
80 ml   Water cold
      Soaker, Preferment, Sourdough
140 grams   Light rye, rye flour type 997
115 grams   AP flour (US), strong white flour (UK), wheat
      — flour type 550
6 grams   Sunflower Oil, rape seed oil works to, but it’s
      — all about the sun ;-)
12 grams   Yeast fresh = 3,4 grams dry yeast
65 ml   Water


  Bäcker Süpkes Welt
  Edited *RK* 08/09/2011 by
  Ulrike Westphal


SOAKER: Bive all the ingredients into a bowl and pour over the hot water. Cover to prevent evaporation. Let stand at least 5 h or prepare the soaker together wit sourdough an preferment.

Sauerteig: Alle Zutaten für den Sauerteig vermischen und abgedeckt 20 h stehen lassen. Anfangstemperatur: 20°C, denn es ist Sommer! ;-) Ulrike: kitchen temperature <20 °C ;-)

PREFERMENT: Mix together all ingredients, cover and let ferment for 2 h at roomtemperatur. Then keep in the fridge until used.

DOUGH: The target is a soft dough, but not too soft, that you can’t work with it.

Add all the ingredient to the mixing bowl and mix 4 min on low speed and 6 min on second speed. Desired dough temperature < 24 °C.

Bulk fermentation 20 – 30 minutes.

Form one or two round loafs. Make incisions like sunbeams. If you own a cake divider press it into the dough (so did I). Brush with water, press into sunflower seeds and place sunflower seeds down into well floured basket(s) or bannetons. Final fermentation 1 h.

Invert onto a peel and bake with normal steam at 230 °C on a baking stone for 10 minutes. Lower the temperature to 180 °C and bake further 35 min (1 large bread 45 min.)

summer sun 003

Let escape steam after 1 minute.(Ulrike: after termination of steam injection)

total baking time: 45 minutes two breads, 55 minutes one large bread.


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