Basic recipe: Olive Dough

Olive Dough Bertinet

Olive Dough Bertinet

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Title: Olive Dough (Bertinet) Button German
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540 grams Bread flour, 18 oz about 3 3/4-3 7/8 cups
2 tablesp. Coarse semolina
15 grams Fresh yeast preferably, 1/2 oz.
7 grams Active dry yeast, 1/4 oz.= 1 1/2 teaspoons
10 grams Salt, 1/3 oz. about 2 teaspoons fine-grain
60 grams Olive oil, good-quality extra-virgin about 5
— tablespoons
345 grams Water, 11 1/2 oz. just over 12fl. oz, in a
Glass measuring cup

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978-1856267625 * Richard Bertinet
Dough: Simple Contemporary Bread *
ISBN 978-1856267625
— Edited *RK* 10/13/2006 by
— Petra Holzapfel

Preheat the oven to 250°C/ 475°F. Mix the bread flour and semolina
together and rub in the yeast, using your fingertips as if making a
crumble. Add the salt, olive oil, and water, then continue,
according to the method on the pages 22-25.

„This takes the basic White Dough on a stage further, adding olive
oil which gives a lovely softness to the dough, making it very
resilient, and resulting in bread with a fantastic texture and
flavor, which also freezes well. There is also a recipe for ciabatta
that uses avocado oil, to make a wonderfully tasty variation, I like
to use a light fruity olive oil, not a peppery intense one-and I
also like to use a little semolina in the dough, to add character to
the bread. The dough will feel slightly wetter than the white dough
we made in the previous chapter, but once you have mastered the
technique of working it, it will come together beautifully.“


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