BBD # 15: Festive Breads – New Year Pretzel

BreadBakingDay #15  
Annarasa chose „Festive Bread“ for the 15 th edition of Bread Baking Day. I baked a Pandoro for the Culinary Advent Calendar. Fortunately the festive season means the time around and including the Christmas and New Year holidays. So I baked a

New Year Pretzel

New Year Pretzel 006

A pretzel is the symbol for infinity, it is understood as a good luck charm or blessing. In some regions of Germany sharing the New Year Pretzel with others promises luck and well-being.

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Title: New Year’s Pretzel
Categories: Baking, Yeast
Yield: 1 Recipe

New Year Pretzel 005


250 grams   Wheat flour 550, US: AP
200 grams   Milk ca. 30° C
7 grams   Dry yeast
25 grams   Fresh yeast
475 grams   Preferment
250 grams   Wheat flour 550, US: AP
5 grams   Baking malt
5 grams   Gluten
75 grams   Sugar
100 grams   Butter
100 grams   Egg, 2 large eggs
5 grams   Salt
1     Lemon, the peel, finely groung
1     Egg, about 50 grams
      Hail sized sugar


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  Ulrike Westphal


For the preferment stir all the ingredients together and let rise for at least 40 minutes.

Final dough:

Prepare a smooth dough with all ingredients and let rest for 30 to 40 minutes.

Form a pretzel

Neujahrs-Brezel 001 Neujahrs-Brezel 002 Neujahrs-Brezel 003

Cover with a cloth and let rise well.

Mix egg with a pinch of salt and glaze the pretzel, Sprinkle with haile sized sugar.

Neujahrs-Brezel 004

Bake about 20 minutes in a preheated oven at 190 °C


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5 thoughts on “BBD # 15: Festive Breads – New Year Pretzel

  1. Natashya at

    Holiday Pretzel
    I love the idea of a holiday pretzel.
    I love pretzels, yours looks like a cross between a pretzel and a challah.
    ps, yes, I noticed you have the same cup and saucer, I got mine from Ikea.


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