Blog Party#7: Red and Hot

This month Stephanie invites us to the virtual blog party in Red and Hot. For the cocktail I chose Campari – what else? (German ad)


Latin Lover’s Kiss:

4 ice cubes
3 cl Campari
1 cl raspberry sirup
2 cl cream

Shake well over ice in a shaker, and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Add a wedge of blood orange and serve.

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And we’ll have

Red Bell Dippers with hot Ajvar Quark

Red Bell Dippers with hot Ajvar Quark

Serve the dip in a bowl or in red bell pepper.

Ajvar-Quark_1500 g quark
1 orange, juice and peel
5-6 tbsp. Ajvar
1/2 lemon, the juice
cayenne pepper
1 red bell pepper

Give quark into a bowl. Add remaining ingredients, mix well and season to taste. Use one third of the bell pepper as a bowl, cut the remaining pepper into stripes to dip.

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3 thoughts on “Blog Party#7: Red and Hot

  1. Stephanie (Gast)

    Blog Party
    Hello again!

    I’m truly happy you could join us again for Blog Party…and I love love your entry. Your cocktail looks divine, and the appetizers sounds fab. I have a question, though…what is quark? The dish is clearly some kind of cheese-mixed dip (I can’t say I’m familiar with Ajvar), but I have no idea what Quark is…except for a Ferengi on Deep Space Nine!!!

    Thanks so much for coming, and watch fhe round-up Saturday.


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