Blogging by mail

Stephanie – The Happy sorceress – from Dispensing Happiness is hosting the Blogging By Post event. I got my swap partner and did some shopping. My parcel starts to a long journey abroad, so I had to chose things with a long shelf life. Here is my choice:

Blogging by mail Paket 001

I managed to reduce the parcel’s weight under the allowed 2 kg and brought a 1927-g-parcel to our post office.

Although one counter was closed, I didn’t have to wait long.

Postamt 001 Postamt 002

I hope the parcel passes the foreign customs without any trouble.

01.10.2006: My parcel finally arrived at the Restaurant Widow 08.07.2020 **. You’ll see what’s missing ;-).

** 08.07.2020 no longer available

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