Favo(u)rite kitchen-tool or gadget: Ice-cream scoop(s)

This month Cate from Sweetnicks asks for foodblogger’s favorite – without u – cooking tool. Cate is not the only one, who’s interested in kitchen tools. Pamela from
Posie’s place (link www.posiesplace.net now defunct) started a one off blogging event and asks for Favourite Kitchen Gadgets
For both questions the answer is: ice-cream scoop(s) my kitchen tool of the year 2005. In November last year I had only one, now I own three with different sizes. 10 ml, 20 ml, 40 ml.

Favo(u)rite kitchen-tool or gadget: Ice-cream scoop(s)

Favourite kitchen-tool or gadget Ice-cream scoop 001

Of course you can use them to scoop ice-cream, but I also use them to get equal portions of dough. The 40-ml-size is good for muffins or this dish. The medium scoop was used for rhubarb-dumplings, salmon profiteroles, (Black) only White Cookies. And it has the right size for the 24-hole muffin tin. I used it for the Mini carrot muffins

Mini carrot muffins 001

With the small one I made 200 peanut cookies for the Advent basar at school.

I would be lost if it wasn’t for my ice-cream scoop(s).

3 thoughts on “Favo(u)rite kitchen-tool or gadget: Ice-cream scoop(s)

  1. Ann (Gast)

    Ich weiß..
    ..der Post ist schon sehr alt, aber ich bin zur Zeit auch auf der Suche nach Eiscremeportionierern verschiedener Größe, habe momentan nur einen mit 5cm Durchmesser von Gefu.
    Kannst du dich evtl noch erinnern, wo du diese damals gekauft hast?


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