Bread consumption

Some days our consumption of bread is enormous, especially if I meet the three gentlemen’s taste. Yesterday morning, the dough was in the fridge overnight, I baked the Stout and oat bread

Stout and oat bread

and it looked like that:

Stout and oat bread-sm1

This afternoon we just had this left:

Bread consumption: Stout and oat bread-sm2

Obviously I met my younger son’s taste. He eat two slices for breakfast.
I hardly could take a picture of the crumb:


For the recipe I used the recommended Murphy’s Stout.

Stout and oat bread-sm3

Sandy’s is always a good adress for British specialities.

And here’s the recipe: I used a basket and baked the bread on a baking stone.

-==== REZKONV-Recipe – RezkonvSuite v0.98.5 Button German

Title: Stout and oat bread
Categories: Bread, Yeast, England
Yield: 2 MEDIUM LOAVES or 1 large loaf

5 grams Cake fresh yeast; *
2 tablesp. Firmly packed molasses sugar or dark brown sugar;
— 30g
325 ml Murphy’s stout
400 grams Unbleached white bread flour
100 grams Steel-cut oats, coarsely ground in a food
— processor to the texture of fine bulghur wheat
100 grams Toasted oat flakes; 5 – 6 minutes at 190 °C
1 teasp. Fine sea salt
1 Tablespoonlard or white vegetable fat; 15 g
Jumbo oat flakes to finish
1 large Or 2 smaller baking sheets, greased

============================== QUELLE ============================

978-1585741120 * Linda CollisterCountry Breads of the World: Eighty-Eight of the World’s Best Recipes for Baking Bread*
ISBN 978-1585741120
— Erfasst *RK* 22.08.2005 von
— Ulrike Westphal

Crumble the yeast into a bowl, add the sugar and stout, and stir
well until the yeast has dispersed and the sugar dissolved. Combine
the flour, ground oats, toasted oat flakes, and salt in a lame
miring bowl. Rub in the fat with your fingertips, then make a well
in the center of the mixture. Pour in the stout mixture. Work all
the ingredients together to make a slightly soft dough.

Turn out onto a work surface and knead thoroughly – about 10 minutes.
Put the dough into a container with a lid, or- a large howl tightly
covered with plastic wrap, and lease to rise for at least 8 hours or
overnight – in a cool place. (In very warm weather, lease the dough
in the fridge or reduce the quantity of yeast to prevent overrising.)

Next day, turn out the dough onto a work surface. Punch clown to
deflate the dough, then divide it into two equal pieces. Knead each
piece for a minute to disperse the bubbles of air, then shape into a
neat ball. Dip the topside of each ball into the jumbo oats, then
place on the prepared baking sheet with the oat-covered side
uppermost. Leave to rise in a warm place until the balls of dough
are doubled in size – about 1 hour.

Toward the end of the rising time, preheat the oven to 400°F.

Bake the loaves for about 25 minutes until they sound hollow when
tapped underneath. Cool on a wire rack.

The bread is best eaten within 3 days – the flavor deepens the
longer the bread is kept – or toasted. Once thoroughly cooled it can
be frozen for up to a month.

* You can use 1/4 teaspoon rapid-rise active dry yeast instead of
the fresh yeast. Mix the dry yeast with the flour, coarser ground
oats, oat flakes, and salt, then continue with the recipe.

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