D is for Denver-Sandwich

I like the idea of D-Day-Cooking. In German I thought of „Dorsch“ and „Dill„. Then I looked up Epicurious‘ food-dictionary and stumbled across Denver-Sandwich. I’ve never heard of it, so I gave it a try.

D is for Denver-Sandwich

D is for Denver-Sandwich

I had it for breadfast this morning, delicious!

For 1 serving you need: D is for Denver-Sandwich
1 Egg
1 tablesp. Water or milk
2 tablesp. Chopped ham
1 tablesp. Finely chopped onion
1 tablesp. Finely chopped green pepper
Salt sprinkle
Pepper sprinkle
2 Toast slices, buttered

With spoon, beat egg and water together in bowl. Add ham, onion,
green pepper, salt and pepper. Pour slowly into hot, well greased
frying pan. It will start to cook and won’t spread too much. As it
cooks, keep drawing to center to keep bread-shape. Brown lightly.
Turn to brown other side.

Put between toast slices. Cut and serve hot.

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