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The Cocodrillo appeared on Monday** on several food 25.09.2023 **blogs . This bread fascinates me, since I began to bake. A real challenge, because of its high hydration, over 100 %. But it’s all about the flour: Since I managed a 91 % hydration bread and reading about Ilva’s flour mixture. I am good for being a Bread Baking Buddie. I used Semola di grano duro rimacinata * Semola di grano duro rimacinata und Manitoba flour. After ten minutes beating on low the dough wrapped around the paddle and climbed into the attachment fixing.

The cocodrillo - paddle  002 The cocodrillo - paddle  003 The cocodrillo - paddle  004

After cleaning up that mess I changed to the dough hook and it worked fine

The cocodrillo - hook  005 The cocodrillo - hook  006

First rise

The cocodrillo - rising  007 The cocodrillo - rising  008 The cocodrillo - rising  009

Shaping and second rise

The cocodrillo - shaping  010 The cocodrillo - rising  011 The cocodrillo - rising  012

Divide the dough and bake: I felt brave and slided the paper with the dough on it onto the stone.

The cocodrillo - dividing  013 The cocodrillo - baking  013 The cocodrillo - baking  014

Although I divided the dough successfully both loaves ran into each other, I got conjoined crocodile-twins. After separation the result looked like that:

The cocodrillo - Crust  015 The cocodrillo - Crumb  016

The family liked it and it was surprisingly easy to bake that bread.

Verdict: With the right flour it’s no rocket science to handle a wet dough aka GLOP. The major difficulty for me is to find an inexpensive source for the right flour. Lien’s source for American flour is out of question for me: The flour is reasonably priced, but the shipping costs to Germany are outrageous: For 2 kg including packing material I have to pay 12,75 €, that means 14,18 € for 1 kg flour.

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