LEFTOVER TUESDAYS #1: Leftover Burger

David at Cooking Chat created a new event: LEFTOVER TUESDAYS. The basic idea is to use a leftover item and make something new with the leftover item and blog about this new creation. I proudly present

Leftover Burger

Leftover Burger

I combined a leftover roast pork and pickled cabbage from the weekend with my homemade burger buns in the freezer. A sufficient lunch for for mother and son, fast and tasty.

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3 thoughts on “LEFTOVER TUESDAYS #1: Leftover Burger

  1. Rachel (Gast)

    Pork Roast Burgers
    Yum, pork roast burgers! I normally use beef for burgers and occasionally a turkey burger. Never thought of making one out of pork. Burgers are great way to use leftovers. My first thought is to always take my leftovers and make tacos out of them. Another blogger made quesidillas and that sounds good too. This week I just made a salsa and put it on top of my leftover fish.


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