My kitchen in 2006

Ilva from Lucullian delights is curious about food bloggers kitchens. There was a Kitchen Meme last year and my kitchen looks nearly the same:

My kitchen in 2006

          Küche 2005           My kitchen in 2006

Only nearly the same because my son used the burner for crème brulée to light a tealight:

Loch in Arbeitsplatte

Now my counter looks this way: Safe to light a tealight with a burner.

But the days of this kitchen are numbered. After using it for nearly 23 years, the drawers begin to lose their backs and there are other signs of aging. So we are planning a new kitchen in 2007. A must: a table for all occasions: dining, talking, playing

my kitchen in 2007

5 thoughts on “My kitchen in 2006

  1. MyKitchenInHalfCups (Gast)

    My Kitchen In Half Cups
    It’s a kitchen that’s light and bright; lovely to cook in.
    And It’s a kitchen with 23 years of history…consider there maybe some piece of it you wish to keep as a rememberance of all that history and use it in the new kitchen.

  2. Lionel at

    Kitchen cabinets have really changed, too. Definitely check out new designs of cabinets before you make the plunge.


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