Red Currant Skyr Bowl

Since last year I changed my regular breakfast from bread, buns or rolls – rich in carbohydrates – to high-protein breakfast bowls with fruit. Heidi Swanson offers inspiring ideas for yoghurt breakfast bowls. I prefer quark or skyr. Both are yoghurt-like but the protein content is nearly 2,5 times higher. Lots of protein and less carbohydrates let you feel longer satisfied, this helps me not to gain weight.

I was inspired bei Heidi’s Pomegranate Yogurt Bowl Recipe Instead of pomegranate juice I used red currant juice – our local superfood growing in every garden – and enriched it with puffed amaranth, also high in protein.

Red Currant Skyr Bowl

red currant skyr bowl

Another healthy and tasty breakfast bowl.

Red Currant Skyr Bowl

Yield:1 serving.

red currant skyr bowl

Red Currant Skyr Bowl: Skyr, an Icelandic yogurt-like low-fat dairy product and an excellent source of calcium, red currant juice and puffed amaranth.


  • a big dollop of skyr *
  • 2 tablespoons red currant juice
  • a drizzle of honey
  • a handful of puffed amaranth *
  • sprinkling of toasted sunflower and pumking seeds


from inspired by:
Heidi Swanson


  1. In a shallow bowl swirl the red currant juice and honey into the skyr just a bit, sprinkle with amaranth, and seeds. Decorate with some apple slices, if you like

total time: 5 minutes

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Photo Credit: I ♥ Cooking Clubs
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10 thoughts on “Red Currant Skyr Bowl

  1. Barbara

    Ich wusste gar nicht, dass Quark 2,5 x so viel Eiweiß hat wie Joghurt – ich mag nämlich Quark! :-)

    Wieder was gelernt. Brot o.ä. zum Frühstück mochte ich noch nie besonders; da ist mir so eine Schüssel lieber. Mit regionalem Superfood umso mehr.

  2. Kayte

    What a wonderful looking breakfast…and so interesting about your choice of using skyr or quark, I will go in search of that here and give it a try. Carbs for breakfast have never been my favorite, it feels much better physically for me to have a protein instead in the mornings. Such a pretty photo of it all.


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