Rolls with unripe spelt grain

Rolls with unripe spelt grain

Rolls with unripe spelt grain 2 Rolls with unripe spelt grain 1

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Title: Rolls with unripe spelt grain Button German
Categories: Rolls, Unripe spelt grain
Yield: 10 Stück

=============================== DOUGH ===============================
300 grams Wheat flour Type 1050
1 Sachet dried yeast, 2.5 tsp
1 teasp. Sugar
100 grams „Grünkern“= unripe spelt grain, coarsely ground
1 teasp. Salt
3 tablesp. Oil, 36 g
200 ml Water

============================= SUPPLIES =============================
1 Baguette tin

============================== SOURCE ==============================
modifiziert nach:
Backen! Das Gelbe von GU; ISBN 3-7742-8796-1 *
— Edited *RK* 04/18/2006 by
— Ulrike Westphal

Dissolve yeast and sugar in 3 tablespoons warm water in a bowl; let
stand 5 minutes.

Add the lukewarm water, coarsly ground unripe spelt grain, salt and
oil and knead until smooth and the dough forms a ball. Cover and let
rise in a warm place , free from drafts, 30 minutes or until doubled
in size.

Punch down and divide the dough into 10 pieces about 68 g. Form
oblong rolls and place on a baguette tin.

Grünkernbrötchen 006

Cover and proof for 30 minutes or until a slight indentation remains when the dough is pressed with the fingertip.

Slash the rolls and bake in the preheated oven for 18 minutes at 200 °C/
392 °C


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