WHB #29: Rolls with chives

Holidays are over, the every day live has begun. I had to work in the garden and I was very surprised to find some chive leaves coming out of the earth. The last years I could not grow any herbs but rosemary in our garden, because it seems to be a paradise for slugs.

WHB Schnittlauch 001

This picture shows another problem in our garden: stones in all sizes. If you are immensely wealthy you say in German „steinreich“, that means rich of stones. And yes: we are in the true sense of the (German) word.

But back to chives. I picked some leaves before the slugs will eat it and enjoyed them on my freshly baked rolls with cream cheese

Rolls with chives

Rolls with chives

Hmmmm! What an indulgence!

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5 thoughts on “WHB #29: Rolls with chives

  1. ejm (Gast)

    I have chive envy!
    Our chives are just now coming up and won’t be ready to harvest for at least another month.

    Chives on creamcheese looks absolutely delicious!


    P.S. Try scattering crushed eggshells around your herbs to deter the slugs. They seem to dislike going over the sharp edges. (Of course, I don’t know the size of slugs in your garden. Here, the slugs are generally not larger than 2cm.


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