Season‘ Eatings: Surprise package from anywhere

Like 2007, 2008 and 2009 I participated in Season’s Eatings 22.09.2023, again organized by the wonderful Katie from Thyme for Cooking. The conditions are easy: Sign in, send a gift to your partner and blog about your parcel. In sent my parcel on December 8th to California**, I hope it didn’t get lost in customs transition

I got a

suprise package

Season' Eatings: Surprise package from anywhere

Harry & David delivered by FedEx.

Wonderful exciting looking relishes and a greeting card from Judith.

Thanks Judith, we’ll enjoy it with our traditional Raclette in the holiday season. I wish I could get in touch with you personally, but this failed already two years ago.

** 21.09.2018 not longer running
** 22.09.2023 no longer available

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