Season’s Eatings: Chicken Gumbo with Louisiana Cajun Seasoning

Season's Eating
Already December 30 th and I haven’t post my gift from Second Annual Season’s Eatings 22.09.2023 **
in English. Katie from Thyme for Cooking had this brilliant idea to organize a spice exchange.

I got a parcel from Judith, a retired teacher living now in Virginia, obiously with no blog. Originally she comes from Louisiana and so she send me

Cajun Seasoning,

Cajun Seasoning

manifactured in Baton Rouge and a recipe for Seafood Gumbo. Although we live in Schleswig-Holstein, the land between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, my three gentlemen aren’t fond of seafood, especially of shrimps and crabs. Judith recommended also a chicken and sausage version, I cooked on December, 22 th as a Slow Cooker version.

Chicken & Sausage Gumbo

Chicken Gumbo with Louisiana Cajun Seasoning 002

It was the first time I made a chocolate coloured roux, but it was worth the effort. Thank you Judith, we enjoyed it. I already thanked you by email, but obviously it ended in the spam or nirvana.

Katie, this was fun again, I can’t wait for the third edition, thanks a lot.

** 22.09.2023 no longer available

2 thoughts on “Season’s Eatings: Chicken Gumbo with Louisiana Cajun Seasoning

  1. Margaret (Gast)

    For a non-southern girl across the big water, looks like you did a great job on that gumbo. Very nice job. You can also use the seasoning as a rub if you want to fix a brisket or other piece of meat on the grill. We also use it to rub the turkey down before frying. In Louisiana I make gumbos in the cold weather. Try okra in one if you can get it.


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