The two-day loaf from Dan Lepard

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Title: The two-day loaf
Categories: Bread, Baking, Yeast
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The two-day loaf from Dan Lepard


375 ml   – 400 ml warm water (30C)
1 tablesp.   Live yoghurt
1 teasp.   Active dry yeast
150 grams   Strong white flour
150 grams   Wholemeal, spelt or rye flour
1 teasp.   Barley malt extract or brown sugar
300 grams   Strong white flour
2     Level tsp salt


  Dan Lepard 27.04.2021 **
  Edited *RK* 11/27/2007 by
  Ulrike Westphal


At about 8am place the warm water, yoghurt and yeast in a 3-pint bowl. Stir until dissolved then add the flour and mix to a smooth batter. Cover and leave on the kitchen worktop until 7pm or after. Then stir the malt (or sugar), add the flour and salt and stir to a sticky soft dough. Leave the dough for 15 minutes then lightly oil your hands and the worksurface and knead the dough for about 10 seconds. Repeat at 15 minutes intervals for 45 minutes then shape the dough into a ball and place it in a bowl lined with a heavily floured cloth. Leave chilled (at 4-6C) for 24 hours, then take out and leave until doubled in size.

Get the oven to 220C (fan assisted), roll the dough carefully onto a floured baking tray, slash the top, bake for 25 minutes then bake for 20 minutes longer at 180C.

Dan Lepard’s remarks:

I think that as the weather starts getting warmer you can look at reducing the yeast. As spring kicks in this month, try reducing the yeast to 3/4 tsp and when summer arrives drop the yeast to 1/2 tsp. You’ll know when you need to reduce it when the loaf gets too puffy at the end of its 24 hours rise. This is the recipe I use at home, about twice a week, to make our "house" bread. Here are some tips to think about to make sure the loaf is perfect:

Use the upper amount of water when you feel more confident with soft sticky dough and you’ll get a more open texutre in the loaf.

If the bread has doubled during the time in the fridge just bake from chilled

Be really carelful when you roll the dough out from the bowl onto the tray. Think of it like a big fragile puffy bubble that needs delicate handing to stop it deflating. Get your oven ready, roll it quickly and gently onto a well floured tray, try slashing it with a razor blade (without slashing your fingers or hand in the process, be very careful) , then get it in the oven

For the first 15 minutes try keeping the oven temperature as hot as it will go, even if this raises the temperature to 250C. This initial burst of heat will help as the dough will be quite tired at the end of the 24 hour rise


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