WCC #14 Salad: Insalata di Fontina

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Tami at running with tweezers is the guest host of the 14th edition of Weekend Cookbook Challenge, created by Sara over at I Like To Cook. The theme this month: salad. I chose the cookbook Kochen mit Käse – Cooking with cheese*. I must buy it, when I saw the review at Fool for Food 20.09.2023 ** and …. the price. The English title: A Passion for Cheese* is available*.

Salads with cheese and meat are very popular in Northern Europe. I used Fontina, italian ham and sliced mortadella.

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Title: Insalata di Fontina
Categories: Salad, cheese
Yield: 4 servings

Salad: Insalata di Fontina


250 grams   New potatoes
50 grams   Prosciutto, italian ham, cut into strips
100 grams   Fontina, cut into small bars
50 grams   Mortadella, cut into small bars
6     Gherkins, quartered lenghtwise
1     Red onion, halved and finely sliced
      Pepper, black, freshly ground
1 tablesp.   Oregano, fresh, chopped
1/4 teasp.   Dijon mustard
2     Filets anchovy, pickled
2 tablesp.   White wine vinegar
6 tablesp.   Olive oil
      Gruyere, Emmentaler, Port-Salut oder
      Tête de Moine


  Paul Gayler, Kochen mit Käse
  ISBN 3-88472-590-4
  Edited *RK* 03/05/2007 by
  Ulrike Westphal


For the dressing whisk togehter oregano and mustard. Rinse salted anchovies, pat dry and chop finely. Stir into the mustard, add vinegar and mixed thoroughly. Add the olive oil and season with salt and pepper.

Boil the potatoes about 20 minutes until tender. Cool a while before peeling. Cut the peeled potatoes into slices 5 mm thick. Pour the dressing over the potatoes until warm. Let infuse the dressing for about 20 minutes.

Fold in the remaining ingredients. .


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more recipes and entries in English

** 20.09.2023 http://www.foolforfood.de/index.php/2007/01/24/kurzer_kochbuch_tipp_kochen_mit_kase no longer available

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