Weekend Herb Blogging #50: Edible berries in a hedgerow

This week Piperita of The Kitchen Pantry hosts the Weekend Herb Blogging. The >rules 26.09.2023 allow entries with recipes and/or informative posts featuring any herb, plant, vegetable, or flower.
In Europe all foodchemists were very busy the last week, so was I. So I don’t come with a recipe, but with nature, nothing but nature, not about any genetically engineering.

Edible berries in a hedgerow 016

In the north of Germany especially in Schleswig-Holstein hedgerows are called „Knick„. You can find many edible berries in Schleswig-Holstein’s hedgerows like blackberries. But you can also find sloes, rowan berries, elderberries, berberis and chokeberries.

All the fruits of these plants are edible and can be used in the kitchen. In the hedgerow in the picture I found:

blackberries elderberries
Brombeeren 004 Elderberry
               berberis or barberry                rowan berries
               barberry                rowan berry

and black chokeberries.

Black Aronia

I have to admit I never mentioned this plant until my WHB # 43 post about red currants. In German they are called „apple berries„. Chokeberries alias (black) aronia berries are way too tart to be eaten raw, although they make most delicious cordial. You can harvest them until the midth of october and that’s what I’ll do. And: Can’t nature be beautiful?


more recipes and entries in English

** 26.09.2023 https://kalynskitchen.com/establishing-some-rules-for-weekend/ no longer available

2 thoughts on “Weekend Herb Blogging #50: Edible berries in a hedgerow

  1. kalyn (Gast)

    Great seeing all the wonderful berries in your area. I think I told you how I remember picking chokeberries (which we called chokecherries) when I was a kid. My paternal grandmother would make the most wonderful jam from them.

  2. surfindaave at serendipitouschef.blogspot.com

    The Serendipitous Chef
    You are really lucky to have so many wonderful berries growing right in the fields like that! Maybe all the rain this year made for a good crop?


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