Wheat-mixed-Bread – Kasseler Brot

John Wright wrote in alt.bread.recipes
This is a bread I’ve been trying to recreate, sporadically and with little
success, for years. The crucial difference is that, this time, I asked someone who knew about German bread in detail.

This is John’s version of

Wheat-mixed-Bread – Kasseler Brot

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Title: „Ersatz“ Weizenmischbrot
Categories: Bread, UK
Yield: 4 Small (400 gm, approx) loaves

Lean dough, indirect method, 2 days to make,
— sourdough/commercial hybrid

============================== POOLISH ==============================
300 Gm rye flour
600 Gm warm water
50 Gm active sourdough culture at 150% hydration

============================ MAIN DOUGH ============================
All the Poolish
650 Gm white 12.2% protein white flour
50 Gm sieved wholewheat flour
20 Gm salt
5 Gm instant yeast
2 teasp. Malt extract

============================== SOURCE ==============================
John Wright in alt.bread.recipes 03.10.2004
— Edited *RK* 10/03/2004 by
— Ulrike Westphal


Day 1.

Mix all the Poolish ingredients together, in a mixer bowl, cover and
leave at room temp, overnight. The next day it should have fermented
and smell sour.

The morning of the next day, add the malt to the poolish and mix for
a minute or so just to start spreading the malt through the dough.
Add all the other ingredients and mix on low for 1 minute. Leave to
autolyse for about 20 minutes. Mix on Kenwoood 1 until the dough
clears the bottom of the bowl. YOU MUST MIX UNTIL THE DOUGH CLEARS
THE BOWL. If you don’t, the white flour will not develop sufficient
gluten in the Stretch ’n‘ Fold to produce a light, elastic crumb. It
will take at least 10 minutes one batch took 25 minutes. I took one
batch out of the mixer when only half the dough had cleared the bowl
and it never developed a structure and was, eventually, filed under

Turn onto a floured counter and perform 3 or 4 Stretch ’n‘ Fold
cycles, until the dough is elastic and sits high on the counter.
Divide into 4, shape into 4 oval loaves, tucking the dough under to
produce tension in the top surface and place on parchment/Magic
Carpet to proof.

Proof til doubled, slash, spray thoroughly with water to wash off
all flour and bake, on stones, at max turned down imediately to 200C.
Bake about 30 minutes, internal temperature 95 – 96C.

Crunchy crust, fine-textured, very elastic crumb, lovely grain
flavours from the rye and wheat flours, a delicate sourness, just
right for my palate.

We’re eating the bread, tonight, with smoked salmon. I think it will
be a very fine combination.


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