Whole Wheat Bread with Thin Mash

Whole Wheat Bread with Thin Mash

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Thin mash bread 001 Thin mash bread 002
Checking oven temperature 65 °C/150 °F Heat water
003 004
Checking the mash temperature after 10 minutes in the oven Mash back in the oven
005 006
1. kneading the final dough final dough before resting
007 008
Dough on the paddle after 2. kneading dough formed to a ball, ready for the refrigerator
009 010
Dough after overnight refrigerating Shaped into a log and ready for proofing in a well floured wicker basket
011 012
Wrapped in a plastic bag to prevent drying Dough has increased its volume
013 014
Turn proofed dough on a peel Slashing is possible
Whole Wheat Bread with Thin Mash Checking internal temperature after 45 minutes baking.
Approximately 95°C/203 °F
016 017

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