WTSIM #3 Easter basket filled with Advocaat Cake

The March edition of the „Waiter, there’s something in my…“ event is hosted by the passionate cook. All cooks are called to fill their Easter-, Holiday-, Passover-, Lihavõtted-, Fukkatsu-saia or Whatever-basket with delicious food. Easter means for our family lots of eggs in all variations, for example advocaat. I decided for an

Eierlikörkuchen – Advocaat Cake

Eierlikörkuchen 012 Eierlikörkuchen 013

Eierlikörkuchen 001 Eierlikörkuchen 002 Eierlikörkuchen 003 Eierlikörkuchen 004
Eierlikörkuchen 005 Eierlikörkuchen 006 Eierlikörkuchen 007 Eierlikörkuchen 008
Eierlikörkuchen 009 Eierlikörkuchen 010 Eierlikörkuchen 011 Eierlikörkuchen 012

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