Announcing BBD #3: Bread with Sourdough

breadbakingday #03 - bread with sourdough
It’s my privilege to host the 3rd round of Bread Baking Day, the new monthly event, created by Zorra. The first round with herbs was a big success, there were 31 entries! This event united bakers around the world and their passion for bread baking.

I live in Northern Germany were breads made from 100% rye flour are very popular. These breads are always leavened with sourdough, so you know the theme: Bread with Sourdough, preferably from rye.

How to participate?

Bake a bread only leavened with sourdough, preferably from rye, take pictures (if possible) and blog about it between now and Saturday, 1st of September 2007. Please include a link to this announcement and eventually a link to the round-up. The round-up will be posted in a few days after the 1st of September.

Send an email to ostwestwind(at)yahoo(dot)de with the subject “BBD #3″ including
– your name
– your blog’s name and your blog’s URL
– the recipe name and the post’s URL
– your location
– for non-English posts, the language it is in

I have to admit that I have language limitations and knowledge. So I
kindly request to post your entries in English or German, if your blog is in another language than English or German.

And at least: Special thanks to mgb_http://indenbergenistfreiheit.ch_is no longer aktiv for the banner

Dont’t miss the round-up

10 thoughts on “Announcing BBD #3: Bread with Sourdough

  1. Vuursteentje (Gast)

    Roggen- oder Weizensauerteig?
    Das gibt mir die Gelegenheit zu einer Frage: wann braucht man Roggensauerteig? Ich habe Weizensauerteig, kann man den nicht bei Roggenbrote einsetzen?
    Ich bin übrigens sehr gespannt auf die Sauerteigrezepte!

  2. ostwestwind

    Roggensauerteig benötigt man für reine Roggenbrote. Zu deiner Frage: Natürlich kann man Weizensauerteig auch bei Roggenbroten einsetzen, das bedingt dann Mischbrote und der Geschmack wird milder.

  3. arfi at

    I’ve made the rye sour about five days ago and have baked the bread this morning. I think I’ll post the rye sour and the finished products in a separate posts if you don’t mind, both are for BBD event. Cheers.

  4. samania (Gast)

    My participation over at

    The email that I sent was turned over to me.
    I do not know what occurred.


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