BBD #3: Seeded Rye Bread

breadbakingday #03 - bread with sourdough
Asking for breads with rye sourdough it was a must to bake a bread with rye flour and rye sourdough. This is a typical bread for Northern Germany. This bread is great with cheese or smoked ham.

Seeded Rye Bread

Seeded Rye Bread BBD#03

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Title: Seeded Rye Bread
Categories: Bread, Sourdough
Yield: 1 Small loaf


160 grams   Production Sourdough (200 % Hydration)*
240 grams   Rye flour Type 1150
5 grams   Sea salt
50 grams   Pumpkin seeds
50 grams   Sunflower seeds
140 grams   Water
      Bowl of sunflower seeds for dipping


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  Ulrike Westphal


If it suits you, you can use the production sourdough for this bread only 4-6 hours after refreshment. This maximises the yeast activity and reduces the acidity of the dough.

Mix all the ingredients together into a very soft dough at about 30°C. Using wet hands, form the dough into a smooth rectangle the right size for your tin, then dip it into the bowl of sunflower seeds, rolling it gently so that seeds stick all over the surface of the dough. Pick it up and drop it carefully into a well-greased tin. The recipe should make enough to fill a generous `small‘ tin, with a capacity of around 1000 ml, just over half full.

Cover and put in a warm place (28-30°C if possible) to prove. This can take anything from 2-6 hours, depending on the vigour of the sourdough and the warmth of the conditions. Bake in a fairly hot oven (200-210°C), reducing the heat a little after 10-15 minutes.

Typical baking time will be 35-45 minutes. This bread is baked at a slightly lower temperature than plain Russian Rye Bread because the seeds on the outside, with their high natural oil content, can turn bitter if too highly fired.

* Contains 53 g flour and 107 g water. I used 30 g sourdough 100 % hydration, 38 g rye flour type 1150, 92 g water.


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