Big Burger Ballyhoo 2007: Classic Beef Burger

I grew up with „Frikadellen„, meatballs resp. rissole. It contains breadcrumbs and eggs for binding and nobody put them on a grill. I have to admit that I had to be twenty-something to eat my first burger in the restaurant with the two arches. I’ve already made burgers, but on the hob in a pan. The chance to win a bottle of goatslick at the Big Burger Ballyhoo invented by Paul at Writing at the Kitchen Table let us think about grilling a burger. The chef at the barbecue is my husband and on Monday he declared the grilling season open. I took the T&T recipe, thawed some burger buns and got started.

Burger Ballyhoo 001 Burger Ballyhoo 002 Burger Ballyhoo 003
Burger Ballyhoo 004 Burger Ballyhoo 005 Burger Ballyhoo 007

Classic Beef Burger

Classic Beef Burger Burger Ballyhoo 006


Conclusion: Germans are able to grill burgers, who would have thought it!

2 thoughts on “Big Burger Ballyhoo 2007: Classic Beef Burger

  1. Paul (Gast)

    Now that’s what I call a burger! Especially the lop-sided tomato. It makes it look like home cooking at its best! I’m excited to try every one of these burgers, heart attack or not.

    Thanks for the entry and good luck in the competition.


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