Blogging by Mail: Surprise, surprise

I came home and found this card in my letter box:


It says, that I’ll find my parcel under the bucket on the cellar steps :-). And here it is.


The parcel came over the pond – save and unopened – in only 7 days. Much faster than my parcel. When I read the adressor, I had a vague guess and I was right. My BBM-partner is my Postcards from the World partner. Do you believe in coincidences? I got a parcel from Stella from Stella Bites. And that’s what I got:

Blogging by Mail: Surprise, surprise

  1. Recipe for Coconut Macaroons
  2. Candy Nacklaces, I’m in my childhood again
  3. Postcard with an explanation of all the items
  4. Lipbalm tasting like Cocoa Rice Krispies and a key chain
  5. Stella’s favourite teas in a very interesting boxing
  6. Chewy spree, that should be a kick in the mouth
  7. Necco, an American classic, chocolate wafers
  8. batch of selfmade Macaroons from the recipe. It reached me safe thanks Lock’n Lock and the first one I tested was delicious.
  9. coffee sweets
  10. chocolate
  11. a French spice „booklet“

Yes, Stella this package is heavy on sweets. How did you now, that I’m a sweet tooth? As you can see I am already enjoying the macaroons, thanks a lot. I have to secure them from my three gentlemen.

And thank you Stephanie for hosting this event. I had so much fun!

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