Damson and Gin Sorbet

The theme for the second week cooking with Diana Henry at I♥CC is Icy Cold! That means serving frozen treats, cold beverages or other icy cold treats. I asked the internet for a suitable recipe suggestion and came across the Damson & Gin Sorbet. I could go local again for this recipe:

©local products - gin and damsons

It’s damson season in Northern Germany, I bought Drop Baltic-Sea-Gin ** 26.09.2023 – also great with homemade tonic – from a small local destillery and used home-made blackcurrant liqueur for

Damson and Gin Sorbet

Damson Gin Sorbet (1)

A delicious tenderly melting autumn sorbet.To avoid the formation of ice crystals in the freezer, I substituted 20 % of the caster sugar with dextrose. Because this tastes less sweet than caster sugar, I adjusted the amount of dextrose to the sweetness.

Damson and gin sorbet

Yield: 1 container for Unold 8875

Damson Gin Sorbet (2)

Damsons and gin are going well together and this sorbet is easy to make.


  • 35 grams grape sugar (dextrose)
  • 115 grams caster sugar
  • 750 grams damsons, stoned
  • 2 tbsp gin
  • 2 tbsp crème de cassis


modified by from:
Diana Henry The Telegraph


  1. Put the sugars in a saucepan with 125 ml water and heat gently until the sugars has dissolved. Boil for four minutes then leave to cool.
  2. Give the damsons into a pan with about 4 tbsp water and cook gently until the fruit has become completely soft. Stir from time to time. You aren’t adding much water – just enough to get the process started, then the damsons will produce their own juice. Push the fruit through a sieve to get rid of the stones. Mix the resulting damson purée with the sugar syrup. Add the gin and cassis and leave to cool completely.
  3. Churn the mixture in a machine, following the manufacturer’s instructions, or put in the freezer in a shallow container. If using the freezer beat the mixture three or four times during the freezing process (first breaking up the harder stuff round the sides) in order to break down the ice crystals and make the sorbet smooth.

total time: 3 hours
preparation time:15 minutem
cooling time: 50 minutes

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** 26.09.2023 Baltic Drop Gin no longer in the product portfolio

5 thoughts on “Damson and Gin Sorbet

  1. Couscous & Consciousness

    What a beautiful colour. I love sorbets, they are so refreshing, and I love the tartness of damsons, so they are almost impossible to get here unless you either grow them youself or are very friendly with someone who does. I do occasionally get a supply from friends of a friend with a tree, and I’ve made Damson Gin a few times – I think this sorbet will be on my list next time.

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