Mellow Bakers August 2010: 40 Percent Caraway Rye

We are not huge fans of bread with breadspices, in our opinion bread spices don’t go well with toppings like cheese and cold cuts. I reduced the caraway seeds to 0,6 %. I like the taste of caraway but I hate to bite on a seed, so I used a mortar to pulverize the seeds.

Kümmel mörsern

Aberrant from the recipe I used all the sourdough. I always refresh my sourdough culture in a separate jar.

As always I used a brotform to get an upright rising because German flours contain less gluten than US flours.

Teigling 001

Teigling 002

In Germany the Guidelines for Bread and Pastry regulate how to name a bread. Hamelman’s 40 Percent Caraway Rye has more than 50 % wheat, I baked a

Wheat Mixed Bread with Caraway

Weizenmischbrot mit Kümmel 003

A nice bread with a balanced sourdough and caraway flavour. The crumb is juicy, the crust crackly-crisp.

I baked it in my moisture plus oven with one steam injection


Weizenmischbrot mit Kümmel 001

on a baking stone.

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