Rest in Peace – Kitchen Aid Worm Gear

No TWD this week, maybe the next weeks. My blue lady suffers from a broken worm gear.

Rest in Peace - Kitchen Aid Worm Gear

I wanted to knead the pasta dough yesterday when the blue lady made funny noise. I stopped her immediately. Fortulately I am married to a mechanical engineer for more than half of my life and I know my blue lady in good hands. She doesn’t need the Kitchen Aid service. She only needs a new worm gear ** and a new filling of lubrication grease. I hope we get it fast!

No homemade pasta yesterday, no TWD today, glad I still have some homemade bread.

Edit: 01.12.2020 Der Austausch des Kitchen Aid Worm Gear war erfolgreich und hält immer noch. Ersatzteile für die KitchenAid KSM90 sind immer noch zu haben.

** 19.12.2021—worm-gear-fail-safe-gear-US-Original nicht mehr verfügbar

10 thoughts on “Rest in Peace – Kitchen Aid Worm Gear

  1. katie (Gast)

    Thyme for Cooking, the Blog
    That is so sad… But men can be darn handy, can’t they?
    BTW – thanks for the card…. I’m a little late and disorganized, but it was greatly appreciated ;-))


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