Rosette Soffiate

Rosette Soffiate

Maggie Glezer is right: Consistently hollow rolls is almost impossible for a homebaker. But the taste is great.

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Categories: Buns, Rolls
Yield: 12 Servings

=========================== THE BIGA ===========================
500 grams Flour w360 **
225 grams Water
1 teasp. Yeast, dried
5 grams Yeast, fresh

=========================== THE DOUGH ===========================
730 grams Biga, all of above
100 grams Flour w360 **
10 grams Malt extract
4 grams Yeast, fresh
1 teasp. Yeast, dried
90 grams Water
12 Salt

============================ SOURCE ============================
adapted recipe from Professor Fausto Rivola
Francine’s post in Digest bread-bakers.v106.n010
— Edited *RK* 01/23/2007 by
— Ulrike Westphal

Procedure in the evening

Combine and knead all the ingredients on the table. Dough
temperature: 20C or 68F. Kneading time: 10 to 12 minutes. Put the
dough in a big bowl and let it rise at 18/20C or 64/68F for 20 hours.

Procedure for the final dough

Put all the ingredients, except the salt, into the mixer bowl. Add
the salt 4 minutes before the end of the mixing (kneading). Mixing 5
minutes at first speed + 6 minutes at second speed. Dough
temperature: 25 °C or 77 °F.

Let the dough rest on the table 10 minutes. Split the dough in the
desire size (circles of 25- 30 cm or 10 – 12 inches, will be cut in
a bun press in small rolls) and coat them with olive oil. Rest 30
minutes. Split, then stamp with the rosette stamp (stampa per
rosette) and turn the rosettes upside down, the stamp impression
will be under the dough. For proofing, put the dough at 30C or 86F
for 60 to 70 minutes. Turn the dough so the stamp mark is up again
and bake at 240 °C or 475 °F with plenty of steam for 22 to 25

Put more steam 5 minutes before the end.

* (soffiare: to blow like a balloon)
** wheat flour type 550; 10 to 12 % protein


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