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Weekly soup for Souper Sunday: Cherry Soup

This is my 23rd post for Debbie’s
Souper Sunday

This week was very hot in Northern Germany, so you don’t want to eat anything heating yourself up. In this case we like buttermilk and zwieback or strawberries with milk for lunch. In our childhood my husband and I also liked

Cherry Soup

Cherry Soup

thickened with tapioca pearls. The soup can be enjoyed plain, with semolina dumplings or French vanilla ice cream

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Title: Cherry Soup
Categories: Soup, Sweet
Yield: 1 Recipe


1.2 kg   Cherries, stoned
1.2 kg   Water
200 grams   Sugar
150 grams   Tapioca pearls
1/2     Cinnamon stick
      Lemon juice to taste


  our grandmothers‘ recipe from memory

  Edited *RK* 07/04/2009 by
  Ulrike Westphal


Bring cherries, water, sugar, tapioca pearls and cinnamon stick to a boil and simmer for about 20 min. until the tapioca is almost completely translucent. Leave to cool.